What To Do in Friesland

Traveling in the Netherlands is having a las vegas hora – always fun, always exciting, and always something new. You will never know what to expect in Friesland because of the number of things and activities that you can do in this province on the northern part of the Netherlands.

Having an area of over 5,000 square kilometers, this place has created a haven for both tourists and locals. The wonderful thing about this place is that it has the culture and the hospitality of the people and the beauty and charm of the surroundings. It even has a las vegas sää that you can enjoy and bask in as you stroll to the streets and travel above the waters in Friesland.

Go to Leeuwarden

If it is the first time that you will go to Friesland, the first place that you can visit is Leeuwarden. It has some of the best boating services in the country. You can reserve a boat from those companies that allow online booking. It is best to book at an earlier date so that you will not run out of boats to use. Depending on the season, the demand for boating services can peak really high.

If you like the Amsterdam guided bike tours, then you should go to De Groene Ster Nature Park. Just like in Amsterdam, you will see luscious green plants and high soaring trees. You can do tours inside the park and do a lot of other activities like strolling near the ponds and beaches, enjoy the pastures, and hike on the trails.

Go to Harlingen

See the charming port in Harlingen and be immersed in commercial businesses and natural trade in the Netherlands. See the fishermen and tradesmen do their everyday work in the Harlingen-Havenstad port.

If you have been too accustomed to the cities and the land in general, you should go to Harlingen. It is a town that is generally connected to the sea. Give yourself a real water treat by staying in one of their inns. Their services are much like the best cheap hotels in Amsterdam. You will receive superstar customer service from any of the stay-ins in Harlingen.

Go to Drachten

The second largest urban area in Friesland in terms of population, Drachten is a town that also has a great view of the waters that surround the area. An art painter by the name of Henk Hofstra painted road markings with the words Water is Life. The waterway that goes through the city was closed in order to accommodate the booming economy. But this move has caused Drachten to lose tourists and to decrease in economic earnings.

In 2011, the Drachten project was completed and the reconstruction of the area was completed. It is always great to travel to Drachten by boat. But you can also go through Amsterdam or other city routes and get the best flight deals to save money.

Friesland is a great province for tourists and locals to enjoy. Just pick any town or municipality and explore the beauty that Friesland has.