About us, Who We Are, What Do We Offer

Harlingen-Havenstad is the most beautiful inland port in the Netherlands. If you are in your Amsterdam holiday and looking for your Amsterdam city trip, you may visit us as well as the city of Harlingen. Our inland port offers wide a variety of service. May it be for trading, shipping, fishing or even just for traveling. Our aim is to deliver optimum help, convenience, and security to our clients. May it be in favor of someone’s business, from transporting different products or just someone’s purely leisure. Our company is known for its superior quality service and excellent facilities.

We maintain our high standard in securing the safety of our client’s products and our travelers. We also emphasize our customer service to bring in the warmest and most convenient traveling experience you may have. We also aim to build and strengthen our community by promoting the city’s local tourist attractions as well as the city’s best leisure provider. Our friendly staffs are trained to deliver the best help possible in providing and guiding you to have the most convenient journey.

Harlingen-Havenstad aspires to make a huge impartation in the city’s economic status as well as to help its people in developing its way of living. Harlingen-havenstad also aspires to be of help on the development of its nearby towns and community. We envision to contribute to the wellness of not just the town or the country but also through the whole society. Harlingen-havenstad will provide convenience and security on your next big journey.