Harlingen’s Accessibility

As Harlingen-Havenstad serves as a gateway not only to Harlingen but also to the nearby towns, the cities accessibility has been strengthened also by the good network of roads. The A31 main road, the N31 coastal road and also few kilometers away is a major causeway which links to Friesland and Noord-Holland, making it easier for the Western Netherlands to reach the city. One may find it difficult to have Amsterdam city pass as most of the time this goes sold out. However, touring around Harlingen will not that be so hard as there are buses and train services operated by Arriva. There are also Harlingen Haven and Harlingen Station.

Amsterdam bike rental is one way of strolling around the city to enjoy and feel its ambiance. There are a lot of bike rentals also outside Harlingen-Havenstad which will be of help to the tourist to roam around the town. One will enjoy touring around the city and see its monuments. Gable stones which survived through the years is one of the historic pieces of stuff one may discover. You may also see a landmark of history and direction, a lighthouse, no longer in use but still serves as a beacon in the city.

Exploring the city’s scenic harbor is made easy by renting a boat, canoe or kayak. You may find boat rentals near the port with corresponding rates applied. Paddling through the waters adds excitement as well as calmness as you see the city’s beautiful canals. There’s also a nice location for a fun gastronomic experience, The Blauwe Hand, this was once a wine warehouse.

As you tour around the city, you may want to explore and discover the richness of the town’s fishing and shipping industry. Get to explore and discover more by mingling with the locals. We always have this craving to quench our thirsty explorer spirit and you may satisfy this craving by somehow experiencing the local’s way of life, get to know them and having some chats with them. With a very warm and hospitable spirit of the locals, tourists will have a great stay indeed in the city. And also, please do not hesitate to approach Harlingen-Havenstad’s staff, we are pleasured by your visit.