1. What is Harlingen-Havenstad?

Harlingen-Havenstad is one of the most recognizable ports in the Netherlands. If you have not visited the port yet, then you should add Harlingen-Havenstad in your next Amsterdam holiday itinerary. It has allowed the city to be accessible to the other parts of the Netherlands. It has also given an opportunity for the local livelihood to have a greater and wider reach. The industry has vastly opened the doors to different industries since its inauguration.

  1. What is the website for?

This is the official website of the port of Harlingen-Havenstad. You will find lots of information about the port through this website. You can find schedules, listings, products that go in and out of the port, the companies that often use the port for business, and more. You can also read about what is the latest regarding this iconic port in Harlingen. We always update the website for our website visitors so that they can know the new rules in the port, the benefits of using the port, and the things that you can do on your Amsterdam city trip through access of the Harlingen-Havenstad.

  1. What services do you offer?

We are an inland port that gives numerous services to individuals and commercial establishments. For tourists, they have access to a number of local businesses that offer boating services like boat rentals in Amsterdam. We are also working in partnership with other companies that handle grains, cement, and other cargos through the port.

  1. Can I book a boat through your site?

Currently, we are still working with boating service providers to give customers easy access to the products that they provide. You can go to our page that links to our partner sites that can allow you to book and make reservations on the boating services that they offer. You can choose the size of the boat, the length of rental, and the type of service that you require of them.

  1. How do I register on your site?

You can go to our Registration Page and place your name and contact information so that you can get updates and notifications from us.

  1. Can I advertise on your page?

You can send your company name, contact details, and the person that we need to contact on our Advertise page. We will gladly accommodate your advertising needs.