How to Relieve Motion Sickness

Harlingen-Havenstad has accepted thousands of boats every month. And the number of people getting motion sickness is almost the same number. Motion sickness can be felt even in the happiest of days like an Amsterdam holiday or your normal Amsterdam city trip. For some, the feeling of motion sickness can be controlled. But the bigger portion of this people, they are not able to prevent the effects of this seemingly awkward kind of sickness.

If you ever find yourself getting sick while riding a boat, here are some tips for you:


Stop reading

Keeping your eyes focused on your book while you are reading and riding a boat can really get your motion sickness going. Even if it is your favorite book, it is with a great recommendation that you put the book down and not read at all while you are riding a boat. Trying to keep your eyes stuck on one point while the transportation is moving can cause your vision to be hazy and your head to become dizzy.

If you really want to finish a book while you are on a boat, why not try the audiobook version. It will be a lot easier on your part and you can actually close your eyes as you listen to the story in the book. And the good thing is that you do not have to experience motion sickness the whole way.

Do not eat a lot before a travel

For those who are anticipating a long trip on a boat, it is best to contain your cravings until you reach the port for ships. Motion sickness is often associated with the food that we eat. Sometimes, food that is hard to digest, like meat, can cause people with motion sickness to vomit.

If the trip is very long, then you can choose to eat fruits and vegetables. These are very light in the stomach. You will not feel bloated while you are on the boat which may, in turn, cause you to have a headache.


If all the other ways do not work with you, you can take medications to relieve your motion sickness.